Spring Into Parasite Prevention

By May 18, 2013 December 20th, 2018 Uncategorized

Spring is here, and that means the warmer weather is bringing us and our pets out of hibernation. Unfortunately, it also means pesky pet parasites are becoming more prevalent.

Did you know?

Fleas & Ticks are not only a nuisance but have the ability to cause serious illness in your pets and even your family! One tiny flea can multiply to over 500 on your pet and in your home in just 3 weeks.

Heartworms are passed by mosquitoes through the bloodstream and into the pet’s heart and lungs, causing serious illness and possibly death. Even 100% indoor cats can become infected with heartworms.

Intestinal parasites can infest your pet when your pet simply walks through soil that contains worm eggs or larvae or ingests something that carries the parasites. Pets can appear perfectly healthy and still be infected with parasites.

Here’s the good news!

All of these parasites are preventable!

Parasite prevention and treatment can help maintain the health and happiness of your pet. We can recommend some excellent products that safely and effectively control these parasites and help protect your pet from their harmful effects.

Call today to schedule an appointment, and don’t forget to bring a fecal sample for testing.



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