Leslie Wayson Tech Manager

I attended University of Texas prior to finding my life’s work as a veterinary technician when I joined the BVH team in July of 2006. Being a Longhorn has made for a fun environment working with many of my Aggie Veterinarians. During my career, I have gained invaluable knowledge and techniques that assist me in providing the best experience and care for our clients and patients. After many dedicated years to Buttercup, I happily accepted a promotion to Lead Technician. I am passionate about all areas of my career; however, my heart is focused on geriatric medicine. I have a particular soft spot for my senior patients; they can always use a little more care, patience, understanding and love.

My wife, Christina, and I are grateful for the opportunity to direct our efforts on senior and special needs pets. Most of our four-legged children have come to us with illnesses such as: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, behavioral issues and so much more. I’ve even adopted many of them through BVH because of their special need requirements. It can be hard some days but we wouldn’t change it for anything. We are proud parents of Cricket the 11 year old Golden Retriever, Popcorn a 15yo Dachshund, Guinness a 13yo orange tabby, Reese the 10yo Maltese and Riley a 4yo Chihuahua mix.  When I am not working, I enjoy spending my time with my many pets. Most night we all love to squeeze on the sofa to settle in for a movie. Other times we enjoy music and trying some creative cooking while the hounds patiently wait for accidental bits of food to fall to the ground.

  Leslie & Goose