Scarlett & Biscuit

The Big Bosses of BVH

We are the superstars of Buttercup Veterinary Hospital. We provide all team members with careful screening. We promise that they have all gone through rigorous testing, interviews and mental acuity evaluations prior to being considered for one of Buttercup’s highly coveted positions. We don’t allow just anyone to cater our needs.

Scarlett: I was found in the country by a client and her dogs. I had a large injury across my chest and down each leg. She was so caring and responsive that she rushed me immediately to BVH to get me the extensive care that I needed before finding me a new home. It took awhile for me to recover from my injury; receiving tons of wound care, laser therapy, and love. It was during my recovery that the team fell in love with me. So I stayed for them. There were some ups and downs in the beginning that involved me breaking into many…many bags of dog and cat food that are stored in the lobby. However, I counteract this bad deed by being a wonderful therapy kitty to my fellow hospital visitors both human and four-legged. I will even offer my services to help eat things like chicken and fish.

Biscuit (orange tabby): When I found myself at Buttercup, I was paralyzed in my back legs. The reality of my injury was that I needed an enormous amount of care, possible surgery with no guarantee of a normal life. The doctors were willing to try everything within their power to increase my chances of walking again. So my family made the difficult decision to surrender me to their care because they wanted me to have the opportunity. I had the best doctors on my case! I received countless laser treatments, acupuncture sessions and medications (yuck!). The team was dedicated to my recovery! At first I was sitting which progressed quickly to supporting my body with my back legs. Before I knew it, I was taking steps to my freedom. Now, I can tear around the hospital like nothing ever happened! The team didn’t let me leave Buttercup, and now I love spending my time watching the birds, chasing the laser pointer and cuddling with Scarlett.

P.S. the other kitty in our picture is Squish.