Scarlett & Biscuit

The Big Bosses of BVH

We are the VIP’s of Buttercup Veterinary Hospital. All staff have been carefully screened and have gone through a rigorous battery of testing, multiple interviews and mental acuity evaluations before being considered for one of the highly coveted positions at BVH. We don’t allow just anyone to cater to our royal needs.

Scarlett: (The Queen) I was brought to clinic by a very caring client. She found me on her property with a very big boo boo on my chest. I was just a sweet loving little kitten at the time and needed help. So I was rushed to BVH to get me all fixed up. It took awhile for me to recover. I received lots of wound care, laser therapy and love. This time gave me the opportunity to work my magic on the team. There were some ups and downs such as breaking into food bags but Dr. Corcoran fell in love with my perfect self and the rest is history!

Biscuit: When I came to BVH I was paralyzed in my back legs. However, not having use of my legs didn’t stop me! I had the best doctors on my case! I received numerous laser treatments, acupuncture sessions and medications (yuck!). The team wouldn’t give up on me! I slowly began to gain control of my back legs. First I was able to sit up then I progressed to taking a few steps. Before I knew it my back legs were walking me around the hospital. Today I am rip-roaring around the hospital and getting into trouble at every turn! I have a huge crush on Scarlett… but don’t tell her.

P.S. the other kitty in our picture is Squish who belongs to Dr. Mellott and visits.

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Saturday8:00am – 1:00pm

For after hours emergency care call: 512-331-6121